Rainbow & Butterstars

You don’t have to be a kid to love Ukrop’s cookies. But you might have started out that way. There’s nostalgia in every bite of our classic cookies: Rainbows and Butterstars.

“Grandma always seemed to have an endless supply of these cookies. Thanks Gma!”

For over 40 years, Ukrop’s has been putting smiles on the faces of our valued customers with our classic homemade cookies.

Rainbow Cookies

If you remember Rainbow Cookies™ from your childhood, we might be responsible: Years ago in Ukrop’s Super Markets, store managers would offer a cookie to children when they came into the store. (Guilty as charged!)

The Rainbow Cookie™ has achieved iconic status in Richmond and beyond for its soft and buttery flavor and distinct red, green and yellow colors. As they have been for years, these bite-sized treats are made from scratch, by hand, at the Ukrop’s bakery.


Soft and buttery, the bite-size Butterstar packs a little sweetness with a colorful dot of fondant icing on top – just enough. Colors change with the seasons and holidays.