Entreés & Sides


What started as a handful of items when we opened our kitchen has expanded to many delicious, ready-to-heat and eat entreés, perfect for a family or a party of one.

Family Meals

Many of our classic entreés come in portions big enough to feed a family. Add in a few of our famous sides to round out the plates.   Our Bakes Entrée line is enough food to feed a family of 4-6. Choose from some of our most popular entrees in convenient, microwave and oven-safe containers. From our famous Chicken Cobbler...


Pair our savory sides with a Ukrop’s homemade entrée, or add to your own home-cooked meal.

Watermelon Strips

Lug. Wash. Cut and de-rind. Why not let us handle the mess, so you can just enjoy fresh, juicy watermelon?